Thursday, February 06, 2014

Pre-Wedding Preps: Cards and Such!

Heeeee-yaaa-low!!! Finally, I get the time to upload the designs for our card invitation for our Solemnization & Dinner Reception. Weeeee!!! I know...that I should upload this first thing before everything else, but I am just so excited and like a lost reindeer, I cant make any right decisions hokay?! So...suck it up!

As previously mentioned in my blog post here, we have different types of invitation cards for each reception. Altogether, we had four different types of cards indicating different venues and events. We had cards for our Solemnization Reception, Lunch Reception for both sides and Dinner Reception. 

Anyhoo, although the cards from JB seems to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, I feel that I still do not want to put it up cause I still have grudge going on against them for putting up such a lousy customer service and therefore I dont think there is any need for me to promote any product of theirs even though its super santek to the max. *rolls eyes

So, first up for our Solemnization Reception Cards, made by yours truly:

This babies were made from scratch hokay?? And not to mention, I had people offering me to design their wedding invitations as well!! these are for the guests who were invited to our Solemnization Reception and best part, we have also included a Paper Fan Programme Card for our guests as well. It is a good idea to have a Programme and a Fan combined together so guests will know whats going on and at the same time cool themselves down just in case the weather gets too too heaty.

Next up........

Our Dinner Reception cards was mainly designed around a'la Vintage Music Theme. My idea was to have a black vinyl initially but shipment was quite costly from the US. So, our Creative Director aka Bestman, Mr. Izdi create something better.

Ta-Daaaa!!!! I was jumping with joy the  moment my cards arrive yo!!!! It was wonderful how my concept was turn into reality. Just a heads up on our dear friend here, Izdi was formerly a Senior Designer at SAM Museum and thus, this creative works could easily be fulfilled. Those who are interested to have customised products such as our awesome cards or totebags or any other printing stuff related, do look out for him. Do PM me should you ladies wants his contact. 

And I would say the best part was that he insert a Kufi Calligraphy which is one of his speciality...really!! Cool kan? Although our wedding was English theme, somehow or rather he is able to insert in my so-called family roots as well by having our names in beautiful arabic calligraphy.

sighhhh......I can look at it for hours and hours. Not to mention, our cards came in CD pocket size covers which means you do not need any envelopes at all! Coo kan??? And, most of our guests says that our covers can be re-used to store their CD's and whatnots and since its so preeeet-aaaay, they are having it as keepsakes!!!

Sayang korang!!! BUT if I ever saw that piece of art work in a dustbin somewhere....somebody's gotta get it eh Nyah!!!! hahahahha

Till then,


Pre-Wedding Preps: Mehndi Lagake Rakhna

Yoooohoooo!!! So, I am finally posting up some wedding preps that I did before the Big Day and if you ladies remembered, I was really not into the idea of having a Hen Party. As Ang Moh, as I may seem, I am still quite conservative in some ways and I like to do it with much Traditions and Cultures.

Again, all photos that will be uploaded are by our AWESOME POSSUM Cousin Liyana Sukri. Credits go to her!! Thank you my Larrr-linng for agreeing to be our official photographer for the Henna Night!
So, lemme post some shots first before we walk the talk aye? Here goes:
Here comes the Bride...Im in a Saree..whatever!! LoL!
Oh yeah! What's Bollywood without someone getting jiggy on the dancefloor yo?

And my little vainpot wants a henna tooo!!

Even the Lil one wanna get some Henna on!!
A Dancer and Henna Artiste as well...WOW!!!

And her henna is done!!!

Fun shots with my Besties and Bridesmaids!!!

Oh gosh!!! What crazy fun we girls have!! My Henna night was truly a Beee-youuuu-Tee-Full event attended by my closest ladies of the family, friends and not to mention my Beautiful Bridesmaids!! 

Though there are glitches that happened before the event started and it was of it which is my saree nearly "plonk" down on the floor cos I tripped on it. Luckily, my dearest friends were there and save me from giving a free show to the Ah Pek snooping at the corner. 

Hahahhaha.....Thank you my Lovely Saras and thanks for re-tying my saree back on again!!!! And here she is.....the lovely woman who dance the night off to Bole Chudiyan..suka hati kau lah!! ahahahahah...

Anyhoo, just a heads up, the Saree was bought at Haniffa Textiles at a very affordable price and it was elaborate with nice Blings! to match. Other than that, initially I had wanted to buy a lehenga but on other thoughts, it will be wasted cos it will only be worn once. sighhhh....and besides the price that they charged for a nice lehenga is a minimum of SGD 300 compared to a Saree which makes me look waaaaaay slimmer and taller. Really!!! This saree had magical powers la you!!!! 

And therefore I was so happy to be eating a whole plate of briyani before my wedding day and my tummy bulge was nicely hidden where it should be!!! Hahahhaha....I can wear saree everyday la siak!!!! The only thing is that, the folding part..forget it laaaa...I cant make it!!!

Other than that, the official Henna Artiste was from Saheli Henna Bridal and the Artiste name is Priya. She is such a lovely person cos she waited for me to re-tie my saree and hell it took quite a long time. Thank you Lovely Priya!!!!

Here are some memorable candid moments between the Bridesmaids and Girls ROCK!!!! I love you!!!!

And with that, I would like to end off with a THANK YOU to all the Ladies of the family who attended the HENNA NIGHT. It was indeed a memorable and fun experience for me!! 

THANK YOU for the LAUGHTER, LOVE and LOL[s] Moments!!

Kiss Kiss!!!
Till then,


Pre- Wedding Preps: My Super "Jambu" Jentayu Gallery Dias

Harlowww Ladies!!!!! So, its like super long since I have touched my keyboard to update on my wedding preps!! I was trying too...but somehow or rather..akak da kahwing kang! So...ehem ehem paham jer la yer..nak kena cuci baju...masak..lipat kain..serika kain...haizz...OMG!!! Im sounding like one mak nenek and yes, I am truly sorry for the fact that I have been M-I-A-ing for so long...been procastinating. Guitly, yes.

So, let's start off with my wedding preps for the pelamin. It was sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL-lah!! Gorgeous nak mampz hokay?!! This was the reason why, you pay for something on the high side and you really do get quality products. Thanks to Kak Tina and the whole of Jentayu Gallery Team for putting up beautiful, wonderful, FANTABULOUS decor for the wedding venue!!!! 

Anyhoooo, here are some pictures from our fantastic Cousin Liyana Sukri who actually took some shots of our lovely decor and venue since our official photographs are not in yet. 

Just a heads up, our darling cousin Liyana is so AWESOME POSSUM in snapping pictures, really comparable to those professionals out there I must say. She is a graduate right out of NTU in Media Design and if you ladies love her work, do send me a PM and I will share with you her contacts.


Hmmmm..Gorgeous to the max kan?!! Well, more photos will be coming up soon for this AWESOME POSSUM Pelamin of mine. Stay tuned!!!

Anyhoo, the dias that I picked was named Rouge Boudoir. It was quite a vintage Jentayu Gallery Collection but somehow or rather, this was truly a dream dias for me!! I have always love love the rich colours of red which illustrates Love and Passion. And needless to say, when we put it to a vote to some other pastel colour dias, even the Best Men agreed that this was the dias for me. I dont know how or what but they do say, the colour spells ME!!

If you guys remembered, how I picked Jentayu Gallery for the first time, do click on this post. Other than that, I have never view at any other options really. From the year 2008, I always knew which Decor company that I really wanted and indeed, I was satisfied with it. Jentayu Gallery has been professional and Kak Tina is a lovely lady indeed who make sure that everything was smoothly planned out. 

No doubt that there were little glitches here and there, which makes me hyperventilate every 1 hour interval. Ultimately, I do get my way and one thing to remind ladies, for me I was very clear of what I wanted meaning that I select the area to place the buffet or chairs and other details that may seem minor but could actually create havoc. Ultimately, I put my foot down and always be the decision maker.

No doubt, there will always be external parties who tries to give suggestions and you will feel pressured but I had always known what I want, and when someone else tries to create "noise" in the background on why I create those kind of decisions, I turn to them and say, " COS, I AM THE ONE PAYING FOR ALL MY WEDDING EXPENSES AND NOT YOU!"

Mean, yes. But, I believe that you have to know when to be firm and make the correct judgement. If you keep listening and trying to please other thousands and entertain their suggestions, the job will NOT BE DONE. 

Truth to be said, I am a very straight forward person, and I believe I have every rights to decide cos really, I was paying for EVERYTHING. Reason because, I do not want my Dream Wedding to be a burden to my parents so ultimately, all decisions will be made according to what I want and LIFE IS INDEED A BLISS.

Anyhooo, all negative things aside, I will be posting up some happy moments from my Henna Night soon...Yayyy!!!

Till then,


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Pre-Wedding Preps: PINK PARLOUR

Harlow Ladies!!! I know that it has been like eons and decades since I actually post anything on this blog. Just need to M.I.A for awhile cos its like only 1 more FREAKING day LEFT before the BIG FAT WEDDING!!!!! Yayyyness!!!! 

Anyway, before I blab about some emotional stuff and cry like no song (direct translation: nangis tak berlagu)....I honestly did try to put in some effort to speak proper malay nowadays..cos the Hubby's (hubby sey....hurhur) side all full of top ranking malay teachers tau..skali if they talk to me in malay den I reply in English...macam ngada-ngada pulak kan...although the fact that they havent heard me speaking in my atrocious malay i get distinction for malay the other time...I dont know!!

Sooooooooo, anyways!! Yesterday, me and Ms. Snooki aka my Matron of Honour plus another bridesmaid of mine accompanied me to my first Virgin trip to waxing. Thanks ah gals, for all the teasing and making me feel like a nervous wreck the whole morning. I do not think my diarrhoea plus all those pee wee sessions in the toilet numerous time is due to excitement but more likely because of the fear and "zraaaaaaaaaaaappp!!" sessions that I was going to encounter.

I know that in my previous post here, I have mentioned about the different hair removal companies that I might be going to. Places such as STRIP and Fabulous Tan are one of the choices that I was considering. However, one of my Bridesmaid actually went to groupon and saw a promo by Pink Parlour and they charge only $20 for Brazilian Waxing and intially, I was quite apprehensive about this whole groupon matters beause who knows if you pay cheaper you get cheapo service?? Girls logic mahhh....

Anyhoo, I've always thought that PINK PARLOUR was not so popular as other places such as the much rave about STRIP and all. So, I went to few forums and read some reviews and what d'ya know?!! Most of it have good reviews except for one local blogger who swears by her hair that she will not step into PINK PARLOUR AGAIN. Her review scared the shit out of me hokay?!! And, not to mention I almost U-turn when I reach PINK PARLOUR and Ms. Nooki give me one deathly look and I decided I would better not mess with my Matron of Honour......tu lagik danger!!

PINK PARLOUR has few branches islandwide such as Far east plaza, NEX Mall @ Serangoon and Orchard Central. So, I went to google and look at the images on which branch that has the most nicest look. Of cos, this irritate the girls because they say I should be researching on the therapist instead. But I didnt care and acted like a Blonde anyway. Hahk!!!

So, of course I picked the branch at Orchard Central...Ta-Daaa!!!

So SANTEK right?!!!!! Akak Loike sangat!! Especially, cos everywhere around is my favourite bimbotic colour EVER. Lurveees!!!

So, appoint stepping in...the staffs at the main counter are generally friendly and after reading reviews from a local blogger about the therapist at the OC that we need to stay away from, I was praying so hard that it would not be the therapist that makes others pee!! But what d'ya know?!!! There goes my luck and after I changed and wrap myself with a towel...look who comes in!!! The so-called therapist that the local blogger was so angry and rave about.


She is the most nicest, sweetest girl ever and I did told her that it was my first trip for a waxing appointment and she told me clearly about the procedures and what I would expect and which are the sensitive areas that I would want to be ready about. How can this SUPER FRIENDLY person be so cruelly reviewed? I do not know!!! 

For a first timer, I was actually laughing most of the time in the waxing room. Im not blaming my therapist if she thinks Im a resident from a nearby circus or something. But, it was a hell lot of fun with her!! We laughed, joke and although I shouted OMG! OMG! during the process...we will just laugh it off together. It feels that I had a friend to share my waxing woes for the whole of 20 minutes.

No doubt, pain macam nak mampz to the max ah!! But this therapist made the whole process easier for me! I would definitely come again to PINK PARLOUR and have her as a therapist again. And, furthermore for those of you who have never been to wax parlours before...the wax is FREAKING HOT NAK MAMPZ!!! Just be prepared...But I survived!!! Yayy!!! So, you can too!!

For a person who cries at a mere sight of blood on her hands, I think I did pretty well [leh], *pat pat on the back!

And in case you would want to know who is my therapist, her name is Siti, a very sweet and petite girl and super friendly too!!!

Also, my advice to all girls who wants to do any type of service or being a customer, show your politeness to people. Make them your friends!! Do not be so sibe-atas and think that the whole world owes you a bloody freaking living and maybe, you will be surprised to know that even the person you think is rude is actually a fun person to begin with.

In this case, I totally find the negative reviews on the web is baseless and we cant always hear from one side either. Experience it yourself and you might be surprised. As for me, I click well with my therapist and indeed my FIRST Waxing session is just FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! Or maybe it's just because Beau always calls me a Dory cos I am just too friendly with everyone in my line of sight...

P.S: And I paid full price instead cos I lambat sekentut in buying the Groupon Deal...sigh...Anyways, the price for Brazilian Waxing is $58.85 after GST for your info.


Till then,