Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Janji Melayu. Part Deux

Heeeeyelllllow u'olz!!!!! So, last weekend I went down to Marina Cards for collection after so many delayed attempts from them. FYI, I also  just received info from Fauziah, (Hi Fauziah!! Thanks for dropping by!! *waves hands) another fellow BTB that she is also in the same "naseb kentang" category as I as when dealing with the people at Marina Cards Design at Angsana Mall JB.

For those of you who read this for the first time, you can read my Janji Melayu [Part 1] story here. 

Serious ah this Marina Cards. Given a choice, I would have written a script and give it to Yusof Haslam kasi jadi Movie pon bagus ah. Maybe can be even more dramatic dari Sembilu. And for me, the title for this whole epic wars can be titled as "SEMBELIT" cos hell yes, I have a constant constipated look when my makcik.pakcik.nenek.datuk.ngoneng-ngoneng. asked me about the status of my cards. And hell yes, I have been tortured by the Mak-chic[s] Network Gang with constant naggings and interrogations about ETA of my cards because they need to give it to other Mak-chic[s] Quarters lain which I have no idea of their existence AT ALL.

Anyhoo, speaking of Marina Cards which is located at Angsana Mall Level 5 in JB, our collection date was supposed to be after hari raya haji, but after sembelih-ing all the lembu, kambing and kerbau[s], there is still no news from them. Then, I started spamming their email in capital letters. Mean Much. But I dont give a damn. Then, I realised they started to speed up their process after the whole spamming saga. And after so many freaking drafts and over 50+ corresponding of emails, believe it or not? When I collected my cards, THERE ARE STILL ERRORS!!! 

*come come I clap for you!!!" and at the same time i feel like SLAPPING THIS IDIOTS!!!

How can this idiots be created in the first place and think they are good enough to do a business? I dont have a clue.

Here are the errors for both my cards and Beau's. 

#1: Promised insert made from "THICK GLOSSY GOLD MANILA PAPER" but received flimsy A4 paper.

Halaaaamak!! Ni macam eh, lebih baik aku print and then photocopy sendiri kat kedai Nyonya kat bawah. Lagi mulia, dapat free gula-gula lagi. hmmppff!! And initially, they promised nice thick glossy paper as the insert and when I told the staff, they say that the girl whose name is SYAZA and nak "step" macam mana nyer lawa dah resigned. 

And I said to the staff, "So, company still nama sama kan?!!Still same Boss Kan? Dia nak resign ke, nak terbaring ke apa kena mengena dengan kad kita?!! Janji tetap janji, sebab kita da tunaikan janji kita dengan company awak dan telah pon bayar 50% DEPOSIT so awak kena tunaikan la janji awak balik!!"

Fuyoooo, at that point of time I feel like patting my back and say Good job woman!!. Because for the first time in my life I am able to marah in malay without using Google Translator. hahahahhahaha!!! oh well...Anger do creates Wonders.

Lucky, the cover was nice and have hot stamping segala so it does not make the cards look cheapo!!

#2: Gramma's name went wrong.

This is definitely an issue. Instead of Maliah. They put Mariah. Korang suka2 kaper tukar nama nenek orang lain?!! Macam NENEK kau punya nama eh?!! #bodohpunyakambing

#3: No Print On Card as promised. Instead print on inserts which is then paste onto the card.

This issue is for Beau's cards. Initially we paid extra, RM 190 for our details to be embossed and printed on the cards straight BUT the idiots at the production site, emailed to us FEW HOURS before the collection time and said that there is an error and their freaking ink doesnt stay on the cards so no embossing could be done and they need to delay the process. AGAIN.

* the issue for #3 was for previous weekend punya cerita but hell yes, im still putting it up for all to know.

So, Solution to all these problems above and not to mention the emotional distress that I have to personally go through. the long distance call charges. my duit minyak kereta to and fro. my wasted time?? And I would include the charges for my therapist as well for all the emotional breakdowns I suffer but then again, the therapist is my mother. *naseb kau ah marina!

For all of the above problems that they give to us. 

Being the genetically proven Mafia that I am, I sat down and list all of my dollars and scents that needs to be compensated. My personal Finance minister for that day was my dear Bonda [MIL], cos as usual I couldnt count for nuts. I only know how to act "garang". Grrrrr...*shows teeth

Initially, they only wanted to give RM30 discount!! Kau buat klakar kaper nyah?!!! Tu RM30, I shove it in your throat hokay?!! It was a fierce haggling of price session and up till that point, the staff at the counter, a lady was so pissed at us cos we do not want to budge our prices BUT naturally she was not nice and helpful to us from the first moments my eyeballs met hers. You know what she did??!!

She pulled back all our cards which are in the red plastic bags and throw it behind her chair!!! How rude was that?!! And I said to her, " Eh hello, agak-agak la siket, kalau yer pon tu kad saya, kalau saya nak lari ngan kad berat macam guni beras tu pon tak sampai sepuluh tapak awak da boleh tangkap jugak?!! All i can say, their bodoh is totally bodoh like biskot mary!!

And I think it took her more than a minute to understand what I said. Seriously, ni bodoh Level Biskot ah. After that, she kept calling her Boss which in return shouted back at her and pass the phone to their second Boss. And only after the last conversation of haggling prices, we do know that the Boss is not named Marina but Zetty and the Adek is known as Hakim. They DO NOT have a phone at their office or production site. All the phone numbers listed on the cards are actually their hp numbers as we are told from another so much nicer staff of theirs which I really make an effort to talk and reply nicely back to her.

Pity the fact that their staff have to use their own hp and on their own personal expenses to conversate with the boss. So, in the end even their OWN STAFF AT MARINA CARDS Design said that we SHOULD NOT/NEVER EVER recommend their company to other people because the company is not reliable and they cant take shit no more from the custormers.

HAHKKK!!!!! Take that!! Even your own staffs pity the customers like us!! Hmmppfff!! 

Tsk Tsk! I seriously do not know what is the link that race should be included as part of the debate. pfft!!!

Conclusion, we get more than RM 200 in discount for the whole Card Saga Battle. 
Yayy-ness!!! I do not know if my "garang-ness" does the tactic or they just cant "Tahan" the noise and the fact that we have mouths like Mak-chic quarters.

Mak-chic Quarters: 1     Marina Cards: 0

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! WE WON!!!!! Or at least, we get away with the amount that we want and we were ruthless!! Grrrrrrr...*shows teeth

So, if anyone of you BTB[s] have ordered from this tragic company, please do check up on the status of your cards and hunt them down like mad. I agree it is a tiring process, emotional and frustrating as well  BUT you guys have paid the deposit so DO NOT LET THEM OFF that easily or if not they will continue to do all this kind of shitty services to other unsuspecting BTB[s]. 


One word of advice to them, when dealing with a Singaporean Mak-chic, Dont Pray Pray ahh!!!

Hope this "Sembelit" saga will be the last of all the challenges from vendors that I need to face.

And Ladies, do drop by and feel free to comment if you have a similar experience with any other card vendors, or just say Hi!!

Till then,




    darah up sak bace your post. i text and WA si "Marina" yesterday after i heard from my fmil bestfriend that her friend also kene cheated from her. before that the already warned them siang2 jangan buat macam2 pasal they already dont have much time. as usual the promised and janji paling assurance skali. as the date they promised to collect, members (4 weeks before the majlis) they came down and guess what same reasons. sampai pakcik tu tak halal kan duit dorg they deposit 600RM.

    back to my story, i text and wa (after i check my wa ade number dia) her. i guess she read my whatsapp but tak reply sampai i gertak dorg kalau by this week tak siap. you know what i gonna do and i will bring this matter to the police pasal ni kes penipu besar. call tak angkat, reject and tutup.

    i even give her 2 options. to refund us back or report this to the police. but no reply from her. seriously geram.

    this noon my mum texted them and they replied back card dah siap. so maybe tomorrow or saturday turun sane and check the cards. takut like your case. but before that we already planned to byr separuh the balance because of our waste of time, ambik leave, transportation and tempuh jammed!

    idk what will happen in my case when i turun sane.
    hakim yg teenager boy is it? kurus2?


    1. Hi babe,

      Oh man!! Ada lagi orang kena tipu ngan dia??!! Like in my previous post, initially we thought that they are reliable because there were so many singaporeans punya yang dah dorang siapkan. *Tipah tertipu sey..

      About Hakim, we didnt see him at all. We just communicated thru the phone and from what I heard, they dont seem to be very polite either. And furthermore, the staff says that the Bosses would only come super late at night just to send the cards or to collect money.

      Ask them for Compensation Babe!! Dont give chance. I was at the shop and I also saw cards baru siap and guess when is the majlis...15 December 2013 la sey!!! And Kad baru siap!!

      Scary shit! And, seriously I ask for refund before cos my 50% deposit was about close to RM 1000 and mati2 dorang tak kasi. So, since dorang tak kasi, I just spam them email everyday lorr...

      Hope yours will be alright. Keep on spamming them!!

      Anyhoo, when is your majlis?

      Till then,