Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Waxing Woes.

Hola Y'allz! So, up next on my list other than SPA treatments would be to do full body waxing. However, the pain level is still yet unknown and I'm googling like mad over the internet on finding good reviews for the different companies that does hair removal.

I was so crazy and scared like mad that I have asked a hair removal company whether they could do threading on the fine hairs on my arms. It is actually nothing and I agree with Bestie that I am just being a typical vainpot and at first when she heard it Bestie was like, "Siak ah...abeh air liur dorang kalau meleleh kat tangan kau camne?" And I immediately had second thoughts after that...hmmm

Other than that, I had also another colleague of mine who went to do waxing in Tekka area...hahahahha...I dunno why but the whole story and situation tickles me much. So this colleague of mine went to waxing for her underarm and instead of doing whitening, her armpit got BURNED la [siolz]. Instead of become whiter, it became blacker and I couldnt help squealing like a hyena when she told me the story. And it was BAD because, the week after was her wedding and hers was a bustier gown la dey!! 

Okay ah, it was bad of me and the rest to laugh at somebody's misfortune but hell laa, they way she say it, makes me kekek like mad. And this girl also, while she say her story laugh like a freaking hyena as well. So...urmmm not my fault aye?

So, you girls out there please learn your lesson from this story hokay? DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT anyhow go somewhere cheapo and thought that they could be as reliable and safe eh.

So, I have done a bit of research on the few companies that I have been considering to go. Maybe, you might like to drop your reviews here too if you have been to these few places. Although, it's not much of a choice because I am just confused by nature, so I dont want to confuse myself any further and just pick the ones that are popular and hopefully reliable with good reviews.

Here we goooooooooooooooo:

#1 Datsumo Labo
I have heard so much rave about Datsumo Labo from reading our local bloggers reviews. I am still not so sure of how good it is. And, if they comes in package based lagi worst. I always have the tendency to sign up for a package and ended up not going for it later. Other than that, the voucher will just expire and walk itself to the rubbish bin. All I can say is I am curious seeing so many good reviews about this product and I might be going for their trial session since I am a one-off deal kinda person. Interesting.


Here is one of the uber popular hair removal company that I know in Singapore. STRIP. It's service is one of my personal favourite. I have signed up for their IPL Package before and I must say that their staff are professional and being the very shy type...MIRACULOUSLY, I dont feel shy in front of their beauticians basically cos I think she gave me a very boring "selamba" kind of face that says..."alaaa...i've seen it all laa!!" So, yah..rather than getting an eager beaver who might give me anxiety attacks...I like their "Selamba" face mode.

Initially, wanted to do waxing with them but alas, I chicken-ed out. Thanks to one of my gals who say" waxing sakit giler siak!!!" right before I enter the therapy room. Thanks eh! So, currently I think I might try their waxing.. They do have these chocolate waxing and stuff..that says it would be less painful for first timers like me.

However, I dont really find IPL really works and also because I do not like the chilling ice pack feel when they "ZAAAAP!" you here and there.

So, anyways these are my two choices. I have narrowed it down to two because I do not want to confuse myself any further and besides, price wise are okay d dokay for me so I shall get more reviews from people about these two companies. But, aku macam ada feeling feeling it's gonna be STRIP ah cos I like the way they handle their customers and they dont do hard selling or was is because I have this constant annoyed face whenever I am in the shop so they dont approach me. heh!! 

Till then,


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